Seitan Italian style meatballs (vegan)

Simply Meatball Deli~cious

Seitan Italan style meatballs (vegan)
. . . . for the love of meatballs!

The meatball
- small ball of seasoned minced ‘meat’

The deli
- a ‘shop’ selling cooked or prepared foods ready for serving

Meatball Deli
- our handmade range of gourmet meatballs

What we can bring to the table!

Event catering:

We offer our delicious Meatball Deli range of gourmet meatballs!


Ideal for any occasion you can think of including Street Food style parties, hot buffets, birthdays, family reunions, college balls, club and society events, & themed celebrations!

Chicken tikka meatballs
Tandoori chicken meatballs

Our gourmet hand-made Meatball Deli range - ideal for any occasion you can think of!

Spanish pork & beef meatballs
Simply Meatball Deli~cious  | News

Stock our meatballs:

Enquiries from deli's, shops, pubs, restaurants, bars & cafes wishing to stock our meatballs are very welcome. For available Meatball Deli options please contact us.


Recipe, Menu & Product development services:

We also offer recipe & product development for businesses looking to offer new products or signature dishes for special promotions and brand launches, and for those wishing to sell own-brand food products at Farmer's Markets, food festivals and the like.


For more info Contact us or visit the Menu & Product Development page on the SugarPepper Cooks website (external site).

 Why not offer our Meatball Deli range in your deli or on your pub menu? 

Chickpea & broadbean falafel


"Best meatballs ever!"

Meatball Deli
Food Styling
Product Development
Menu Development
Recipe Creation &  Development
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